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May 10, 2009

New Rich Dad BooK: The Real Book of Real Estate

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Robert Kiyosaki’s / Rich Dad’s latest book is – The Real Book of Real Estate

With the subtitle ‘Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life.’ this is much more than just your normal buy this real estate book rather it contains the 26 stories of successful real estate investors, such as Wayne Palmer ( who focuses on 401 Exchanges and other creative real estate dealings. And Ken McElroy ( whom runs MC Property (MC Companies) and who focuses on the very important skill of managing MultiFamily Properties (+3,000 units) and now has a number of his own projects.
It may also include Bill Shopoff ( – however this is a guess!

The Real Book of Real Estate will be relased by May 12th 2009, and I am sure it will be well recieved.


New Rich Dad / Robert Kiyosaki Tags

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I’ve included a couple of new tags. These are –

‘Kiyosaki / Rich Dad Predictions’ and ‘Useful Posts’.

‘Useful Posts’ focus more on the latest info on Robert Kiyosaki. ‘Rich Dad Predictions’ looks at past articles and allows you to see how accurate Robert Kiyosaki has been (hes been pretty accurate).

Also included ‘News’ in Categories which will have all the latest News, such as new books, new seminars, audio/video products as well as the general latest info we get. Also it will include updates about this site (such as this post).

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