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October 2, 2009

Robert Kiyosaki on Silver & the Economy

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COOK: Congress passed an $800 billion “economic stimulus” plan to get the U.S. economy moving again. Do you think it will work?

KIYOSAKI: Personally, my question is, is it enough? If not enough – it won’t work. If it is too high – we will go into hyperinflation.

COOK: With the federal government printing more money to cover the bailouts, many financial experts are predicting another period of severe inflation. Do you agree?

KIYOSAKI: Yes, I do. Just like Warren Buffett said, I think we should not expect it until two to five years from now.

COOK: I heard a recent radio interview with you in which you recommended purchasing silver as hedge against further economic downturn. Why are you bullish on silver?


September 9, 2009

Rich Dad Silver Video

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May 15, 2009

Robert Kiyosaki on All Booms Bust

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Robert Kiyosaki on All Booms Bust

Lately, I have been asked if we are in a real estate bubble. My answer is, “Duh!” In my opinion, this is the biggest real estate bubble I have ever lived through. Next, I am asked, “Will the bubble burst?” Again, my answer is, “Duh!”

May 12, 2009

Rich Dad Predictions 2008 – Video #4

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Rich Dad Predictions 2008 – Video #4 – Gold and Silver

May 10, 2009

Rich Dad / Robert Kiyosaki Audio (on GoldSeek)

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27MB Audio File (2nd Hour is Robert Kiyosaki)

May 7, 2009

Rich Dad Gold

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I always get a little bit worried that RichDad Company will pull this off the web one day (they have), so I decided to create a spare copy (just in case…). I guess it was the right thing to do!

Anyway check out our other Rich Dad Gold and Silver PostsHere
Or check out our real estate section or the whole blog : Create Your Own Fort Knox

In the fifth grade, in Mr. Ely’s class, I began to study the great explorers of the world. It was the first time I was truly interested in a subject taught in school. At the age of 10, I read about Francisco Pizarro c. 1476-1541, the conqueror of Peru; Vasco Nunez de Balboa c. 1475-1519 the discoverer of the Pacific Ocean for Spain; Ferdinand Magellan, c 1480-1521, leader of the first expedition to circumnavigate the world, proving it was round, Ponce de Leon, c. 1460-1521, discoveror of Florida, searcher of the Fountain of Youth, Vasco da Gama c. 1469-1524, a Portuguese navigator who was the first European to sail to India, and of course, Christopher Columbus, c. 1451-1506, born in Italy, studied sailing in Portugal, and was backed by monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain to sail on October 12, 1492 to seek a route to India. Instead of India, he found the New World and the rest is history.

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